Kendrick BBQ Kit

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Hart & Huntington / Kendrick BBQ Limited Edition Collaboration Kit
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Limited Edition H&H/Kendrick BBQ collaboration Kit

The ultimate Summer grilling kit is brought to you by H&H and Kendrick BBQ. Serve an impressive branded steak to your guests while showing off your style.


  • Premium T-shirt
  • Stainless Steel Food branding iron
  • 5 panel Snapback Hat
  • Neoprene can coozie
  • Sublimated bandana
  • 10" Decal
Heating the BBQ Branding Iron
Before you start branding actual food items, make sure the branding iron is hot enough for the desired branded mark. As different food products require different degrees of heat (See Test Branding below) you may want to brand samples prior to branding the actual meat that will be served.
The branding iron can be heated up on gas grills as well as charcoal and propane grills, on a gas stove, or with a propane torch.
The iron should be very hot. As soon as it starts turning a dull red, immediately remove it from the heat source.
Apply even pressure for a few seconds (about 2-4 seconds). If necessary, gently rock your iron to ensure the entire image comes in full contact with the surface of the food you’re branding.
Depending on the food and weather conditions, it may be necessary to re-heat your iron after each or a couple of branded marks.
WARNING: Whenever using a meat branding iron, be extra cautious and wear heat-resistant protective gloves. DO NOT USE ON PETS, FAMILY, FRIENDS, ENEMIES or YOURSELF!  
Test Branding
Branding different food products requires different degrees of heat. Your first few branded marks may not be perfect. That is why we recommend test-branding samples of your food products in preparation for further branding. After a few branded marks, you should get a good sense of how long it takes to heat up your iron and how many seconds to keep it in contact with the food you will be branding.
Branding Tips
SAFETY NOTE: Branding irons are designed to get hot and need to be handled with care. Generally, once the branding iron is hot enough, it will be hot about 4″ – 5″ up the rod. While this is far from the top end of the branding iron, we always recommend handling the branding iron with some sort of kitchen mitt or leather grilling gloves.
Apply the techniques you acquired while test-branding.
Take the fully-heated branding iron and place it firmly on the spot you selected for the branded mark. Keep the branding head on the surface and do not lift during the process.
In some cases a gentle rocking motion of the iron will ensure a complete image transfer.
The number of seconds to keep the iron in contact with the food depends on how hot the iron is, weather conditions and the food product you will be branding.
Remember that heat is spent during the branding process, and that you will need to reheat your iron for continued use.