The 4 Bar Club

4bar club

No pain, no gain.

Except when it comes to our rewards program.

Getting a tattoo doesn’t always feel like a walk in the park, but we’re about to sweeten the deal. Get more mileage from your Hart & Huntington experience by joining The 4 Bar Club, our points-based customer loyalty program where you can earn a variety of discounts and special rewards every time you get tattooed or spend some cash in our stores or at

What’s the Deal?

We’ll reward you with points toward your next piece, merch and more. Score rewards ranging from $5 to $100 off your purchase, free tattoos, and even a few surprises on your birthday and Loyalty program enrollment anniversary.

How It Works 

Sign up for The 4 Bar Club and, next time you get some ink or buy any products at our tattoo shop locations or online through, you’ll earn 1 point for every dollar spent. Points aren’t transferable, but we’re totally cool if you want to spend them on a friend.

Get the Hook-Up

Receive 20 points when you sign up for The 4 Bar Club today, plus an additional 5 just for entering your birthday. To enroll, just enter your phone number and follow the prompts. Once you have an account, you’ll be automatically enrolled into our loyalty program. See, totally painless.