From apprentice to icon

We caught up with one of the OG's of Hart & Huntington Tattoo and star of our hit TV show INKED, Joshua Sutcliffe aka DIZZLE!

DIZZLE began his tattoo career as an apprentice right here at Hart & Huntington. We’re proud to say he went on to become one of the most renowned tattoo artists in the world.

DIZZLE's talent caught the eye of the industry, landing him a starring role on the hit TV show INKED. While he wasn’t phased by the cameras following him around, he admits to being a bit star struck by Carey Hart. But behind the scenes, it was DIZZLE’s relentless dedication that set him apart. Working his day job and then tattooing from 2am to 6am, DIZZLE's work ethic is as legendary as his art.

INKED did more than launch DIZZLE’s career, he credits the show for bringing tattoos into the homes of millions, transforming the perception of tattoos. “Today, tattoos are not just for rebels; they're for everyone, including soccer moms and professionals. The show made them a little less scary,” he says.

Beyond tattoos, DIZZLE is a man of many talents. When he's not creating stunning art, he's training for half marathons, traveling the globe, and, of course, adding to his own tattoo collection.

"If it wasn't for Hart & Huntington, I wouldn't be tattooing today and wouldn't be able to hang out with you guys,” he tells us. We’re thrilled to bring DIZZLE’s story full circle.